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The KINDLE version of my "Plot Your Way to Publication" workbook


Have a Great Idea for a Novel, but Don't Know How or Where to Begin?

PLOT YOUR WAY to PUBLICATION will guide you.

Have you already begun your novel, but have hit a wall with no idea what to write next?

PLOT YOUR WAY TO PUBLICATION will show you the way.

A simple, step-by-step method for building a successful storyline/outline and story arc from your basic idea.

A compact writing course, my ebook will take you from basic idea to a solid storyline.

Designed for the busy lifestyle, it's simple enough to read in one sitting, yet powerful enough to demonstrate the mysteries of the modern story structure.

Learn how to keep the sizzling plot going through the "Middle Wasteland" and on to the ending.

Includes the material and all the chart templates I designed for the published workbook.

No more dull openings! No saggy middles.  

Learn from my mistakes. Read the section: "The Painful Lesson I Learned About Plotting."

While attending classes on how to write, I was taught to jot down story ideas on index cards. Problem was, I had hundreds of them but couldn't figure out how or where to incorporated them into my story. So I began to design templates to help me.

Now, with my Character and Scene chart templates, I can jot down my ideas in one place. Now I see at a glance if my outline is working.

I've included all the templates for you to use in YOUR novel. And, you can use them again and again for each novel you write.

As a Bonus, I’ve demonstrated how I used the templates to build my novel, TEN TIMES GUILTY.

If you’re ready to begin, get your copy TODAY to start your journey from Amateur to Pro Writer!

What people said about the PLOT YOUR WAY TO PUBLICATION workbook:

REVIEWS for the workbook:
William Simon
I am very pleased with this one. As another reviewer commented, yes, it has many blank forms to use, but that's the point! Fill in the blanks, plot your novel, stay on course. Every writer is different, and works differently, but I personally am finiding the book to be a great help!

By Brian Campbell
Format: Paperback
I've tried to put together a coherent plot with index cards as I'd been taught, only to have my living room floor covered with them and I still had trouble knowing where they should go. Thanks to Ms Hill's book and her charts, I can now sit at my computer or the kitchen table and plot my entire book. My wife is happy to have the living room back! I'd recommend this to any writer and especially to aspiring writers.

By Sandra Owens
Format: Paperback
Reading a portion of Brenda Hill's amazing book got me excited all over again about writing! I can't wait until I receive my own copy. Thinking about characters and plot lines. Not judging it, but throwing it all out there and letting your imagination run wild. There's always time to reign all those thoughts in later and give them structure, but Brenda captured the sheer joy of putting thoughts/ideas/dreams on paper. If I didn't already love writing, I'd want to try it because she makes it seem like a wonderful adventure rather than a dull chore.

This Book will be Your Best Friend!
By Nancy A. Jackson
I have used it as a guide in several stories I've written. It's a superb tool to keep writers on track. I'd recommend it to any writer, new or experienced.