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Roger Bowman


Roger Bowman



Plugged Inland 

KVCR, a PBS station for Southern California, is running a weekly series on the impact of the financial crisis in The Inland Empire.

Each week a new focal topic has included experts from the financial markets, health care systems, teachers, and others to answer your live, call-in questions. Questions have included emergency assistance for families in financial crisis, hospital care for those with or without insurance, social security, and other topics concerning California citizens.   

Join local host, Roger Bowman, as he asks the experts how to survive, how to protect ourselves, and maybe even how to thrive financially during this uncertain time. The one-hour program, It's Your Call, airs Fridays at 7pm on KVCR, the Inland Empire PBS station, and broadcasts on channel 24 in Digital, DirecTV and Dish networks.

Update: Due to funding, the series is not currently on air; however, due to the show's popularity, the videos are now available on youtube.

KVCR - Facing the Mortgage Crisis