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Most of my stories are mystery and/or suspense about women in crisis, probably because I've faced so many in my lifetime. I highlight a problem and offer possible solutions while celebrating the inner strength women sometimes forget they possess.

I ventured to the 'dark side' with a paranormal, THE HOUSE ON SERPENT LAKE, and loved it so I wrote FROM THE PAINTED TOMB. I'm currently working on a mystery with paranormal elements.

I love things that go bump in the night whether they're serial killers or other strange creatures. I've written about  those pesky beings that intrude on our lives with deadly force in several of my novels. I hope you enjoy them.


As an editor, I specialize in your 1st Chapter, the most critical pages of your novel. Surveys taken in bookstores have clocked the time a customer selects and opens your book and decides to either buy or select another book as 7 SECONDS. You must engage that customer by your opening page, usually your first three or four paragraphs, or you've lost them. The same rule applies to the "Look Inside" feature on books listed on Amazon.

What does it take to keep them reading? Your hook of course, but what does that involve? If you're not sure your opening is dynamic enough to entice a browser to buy, I can help you. Along with story structure, the class on a novel's opening pages was of special interest and study. Please check my page on Your Critical 1st Chapter.

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