Award-Winning Author of Mysteries, Crime Thrillers, and the Supernatural.
Author of the Time for Success Series for Aspiring Writers.


Edgar Award Nominee
Literary Titan Gold Medal Award
Readers Choice Silver Medal
Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Award
Coffee Time Reviewers Choice Award



Most of my stories are mystery and/or suspense about women in crisis. I highlight a problem and offer possible solutions while celebrating the inner strength women sometimes forget they possess.

I ventured to the 'dark side' with a paranormal, THE HOUSE ON SERPENT LAKE, and loved it so I wrote FROM THE PAINTED TOMB. I'm currently working on a mystery with paranormal elements.

I love things that go bump in the night whether they're serial killers or other strange creatures. I've written about  those pesky beings that intrude on our lives with deadly force in several of my novels. I hope you enjoy them.


As an editor, I specialize in your 1st Chapter, the most critical pages of your novel. Surveys taken in bookstores have clocked the time a customer selects and opens your book and decides to either buy or select another book as 7 SECONDS. You must engage that customer by your opening page, usually your first three or four paragraphs, or you've lost them. The same rule applies to the "Look Inside" feature on books listed on Amazon.

What does it take to keep them reading? Your hook of course, but what does that involve? If you're not sure your opening is dynamic enough to entice a browser to buy, I can help you. Along with story structure, the class on a novel's opening pages was of special interest and study. Please check my page on Your Critical 1st Chapter.



The University of Iowa

Gotham Novel Writers Workshop 

Creative Writing, Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver

Writers Digest Novel Writing Course

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Mystery/Suspense Novels

Paranormal Novels 

An instructional how-to plot complete with charts I designed

Short stories of approx 8,000-10,000 words published in a national women's magazine as well as anthologies, and Chicken Soup for the Soul

Short stories published in literary journals

Wrote articles for 3 newspapers

Wrote articles for Women on Writing

Certified editor: Edited novels for a small press
Acquiring editor for a small press
Freelance editor 

Led 1st Chapter workshops for various writers' clubs in two states

Instructional speaking engagements through various libraries in SoCal

Government security clearance as required to proofread/edit secret aerospace docs

My interview with Don McCuly, host of THE AUTHOR'S SHOW:

Brenda_Hill (

My Bumpy Road to Publication - or how I went from rejections to publication:

As a writer who’s been commercially published several times and in different medias, I’ve been asked about my road to publication. Most assume I sat down and zipped through my first novel, sent it off for publication, and presto! I became a published author. While that can happen today—with self-publishing and with those few fortunate writers who secure an agent and a huge publishing deal in a matter of weeks--that’s not the way it happened for me. My road was pretty darn bumpy . . .

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Speaking at the Constant Readers Book Club
Such a great evening with wonderful people.

WITH FULL MALICEA Deadly Vigilante Crime Thriller of Twisted Justice
Book signing at Barnes & Noble, Redlands, CA.