Do You Have the Desire to Create? 

To Entertain?     

Do  You Want to Write A Novel?

If you want to write, to entertain others, learn everything you can about the craft and write, write, and write more.

What you're offering the universe is your unique form of magic, your story seen through your eyes and your own life experience. Even in our bizarre stories - suspense, ghost, even our serial killer stories - perhaps something we write will touch someone in a positive way. 

And that's a good thing.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me: 

While most aspiring authors believe that it simply takes natural talent to write a successful novel, in actuality it takes more. A lot more. 

Writing well is a craft, no matter the popular belief that you either have ‘it’ or not. Just like playing the piano on a daily basis helps you to improve, so does writing. It’s simple. The more you write, the more you improve—but only if you learn some basic techniques. Even great pianists and artists had teachers, and if they were born with natural talent, it still took instruction, practice, and patience to reach that certain level of professionalism. But the time and effort was and was and is worth it.


If you want to write stories that touch others, learn everything you can, apply the techniques, and keep at it. Never give up, no matter how many rejections you might accumulate, no matter if family or friends scoff, no matter what.


As a former acquiring editor for a small press, I offer help to the aspiring author in two ways:


1) As a writing coach/consultant


2) To analyze your first chapter to help you turn a dull opening to a dynamic one.