Award-Winning Author of Mysteries, Crime Thrillers, and the Supernatural.
Author of the Time for Success Series for Aspiring Writers.


“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

– Richard Bach
As a writer, do you need help?

Are you stalled and can't seem to move forward?

Are you failing to meet your goals?

Is something lacking in your writing, but you're not sure what's wrong?

Do you have questions about the process that only an experienced author

can answer?
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I've been there, have experienced all of the above. But I found my way out.

And because I did so, I've been a best-selling author of several novels including thrillers, the paranormal, and  the craft of writing. I have dozens of articles in print & have led writing workshops to different Southern California writers clubs. I currently have one novel still under contract.



Let's work together to make your manuscript sing!
Please choose the best, most comfortable way for me to help you.
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1 hour personal consultation EACH WEEK FOR 2 MONTHS, during which we'll review your progress and discuss possible changes that may be needed:

via telephone or

Zoom.....................                   550.00

written questions.
(Completely confidential)

Plan up to 3 questions to submit.

It can be about your writing process, the craft of writing, and/or publishing - or an inability to move forward in your goals.

If you're stalled, not sure what to write next, let's work together to come up with solutions.

2nd STEP

Fill out the short questionnaire about you and your writing.  Please rest assured that our sessions are always confidential. Please send also 1-2 pages of your manuscript - if you've begun your story. If not, we'll discuss the best way for you to  begin.

You'll send payment only after I've read your questionnaire and sample pages and feel I can help you.

Never give up your dreams - to be an author, to see your name on the cover of a book
you actually wrote, is joyous. Magical. Let me help you achieve that wondrous dream.